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Real life stories from my real life clients.

Anxiety and irreglar periods


I'm feeling pretty fabulous and everything is great. Am off the meds now, so definately think the healing helped with my anxiety and my cycles have been spot on now too!

Thanks for the amazing transformation in the two areas that were my main issues, in just 2 sessions!


Laura P. 33



Induction of labour


Emma Rose arrived 11pm Saturday night, weighing 3.5kg. It was a quick labour, no stitches. Thank you for the session on Friday afternoon - it worked!


Vesna L. 32



Pregnancy double joy


I didn't realise what a worrier I was. I've stopped biting my nails and the anxiety attacks have gone. My sinus's are clear and my old skiing injury doesn't bother me any more (shoulder). Best of all, I now have healthy twin boys. I fell pregnant 2 weeks after my 3rd session with Gabriele.


Maria M. 35

Back pain

I had a few sessions with Gabriele, not only has my back pain eased off, I can now eat what I like, without indigestion, my knee doesn't hurt and my vision improved.

Joe P. 48

After a miscarriage


I just wanted to let you know that I actually feel really good and positive after seeing you.  It has made a real difference in my thinking and attitude for future events that will unfold.  I have come to a real space of acceptance that I thought I had come to, when in reality, I had not really reached.

So big thanks.  It has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.


Adriana 34  Has since had 2 healthy girls.


Heavy periods


I didn't want to talk about my issues, so Gabriele did a couple of relaxing Healing Balances for my first 2 sessions. During my 3rd session Gabriele asked me what I wanted to have done and asked me a few questions about issues I hadn't discussed with many others. My periods are now much more managable and my husband and I were suddenly, easily able to discuss some previously tricky issues and cleared the air.




I then asked Gabriele to treat my 6 year old son. After 1 session his bedwetting went down to once every couple of weeks instead of every night. After 2 sessions, he only occasionally wet the bed, and his asthma has improved too!


Lina 44



Following many efforts to address my chronic insomnia I was very pleased to have given Gabriele an opportunity to improve my sleep. After the session, I noted an immediate improvement in my sleep initiation and duration, which continued for months. Not surprisingly I have had more energy and am getting more out of my body. I would not have made the state swimming championships this year without good sleep, so thank you Gabriele!!


Jason C. 39




A friend gave me a gift certificate to see Gabriele. I had no idea what to expect. I found her very easy to talk to, about all sorts of things. I hadn't cried so much in years. Afterwards I felt released, with more energy and greater clarity. I booked a date for a 70th birthday get together in Scotland, with 6 school friends, and the planets aligned so that they could all make it! I'm now looking forward to my overseas trip, on my own, even more.


Dori P. 69

Hives & Acne

My hives have completely cleared up & I haven't taken a single antihistamine for over a month! And my acne has improved out of sight. I still get a few spots from sweating after exercise, but the redness & inflammation has subsided. It's exciting - it sounds silly, but it really has given me so much more confidence! So thank you so so very much!!

Alicia S. 30

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