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About Gabriele Marsch

Gabriele is a vibrant, energetic woman, mother of two beautiful children and partner to a wonderful man, enjoying life to the fullest in optimal health. My happy home also includes 2 dogs and a flourishing garden.


It hasn’t always been like this. Several years ago I was in an unhappy partnership, my body ached all over, especially my back and I seemed to have a new cold every other month.


I was steered towards AcuEnergetics by a trusted friend, who’d himself experienced a dramatic transformation from a mid-life crisis depression (thank-you Michael!). Thus I began my journey towards self healing and subsequently training in a new modality, Acuenergetics.


Prior to learning about energetic healing, I had worked in the biomedical model of western health as a nurse, Midwife and Women’s Health Nurse for 20 years, and so am very familiar with things that can go wrong with the body, if the mind, spirit and emotions aren’t in balance.




  • Acuenergetics Practitioner since June 2013.

  • Student since 2007.

  • Reiki 1 & 2. 2008

  • Several Journey workshops. 2011 -2013

  • Counselling VUT. 2003

  • Natural Family Planning – Billings Method Teacher. 2000

  • Reproductive Women’s Health Nurse, Pap Test Provider, FPV. 1999

  • Grad Dip – Women’s and Community Health, Latrobe Uni. 1998

  • Midwife, Royal Women’s Hospital Melbourne. 1993

  • Registered Nurse, PANCH. 1990.




I just wanted to let you know that I actually feel really good and positive after seeing you.  It has made a real difference in my thinking and attitude for future events that will unfold. 


I have come to a real space of acceptance that I thought I had come to when in reality I had not really reached.So big thanks. It has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. 


Adriana 34

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