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AcuEnergetics® is a stand alone technique and can effectively treat a wide range of physical, mental and emotional illnesses. However, it is also very useful as a complimentary technique and is often used alongside traditional western medical treatments. In many cases, people experience significant improvement or full recovery after a couple of AcuEnergetics® treatments. 

Of course everyone is different, so the number of sessions required to alleviate the problem does vary from person to person. Some people may only need one session, while others will need more.


AcuEnergetics® treatments have proven to be effective in thousands of cases of clinical practice. Many of these treatments were successful in resolving problems that baffled doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors for years. This is because AcuEnergetics® understands the whole energy body and its connection to the mind, which is vital for the effective treatment of any symptom in the body.


AcuEnergetics® is based on understandings that the cause of illness is in our attitudes and fixed emotional states and it is only the symptoms of this that are present in the body. Practitioners are successful because they are trained in energetic physiology and anatomy, which involves a detailed understanding of how mind affects the energetic channels and centers in the body.


Many people come for specific treatment of an injury, chronic health problems or work/family related stress. Some clients attend sessions to work through issues that arise frequently in their lives, such as anger, fear guilt, insomnia, relationship breakups and panic attacks. Others come because they find that energy balancing helps relax them and keep them at optimum health.


AcuEnergetics® is gentle and non invasive, so it’s also suitable for babies and small children.

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In addition to individual treatments, AcuEnergetics® offers Wellness Balances to clear blocked energy channels, reduce stress and tension, increase energy flow, reduce stiffness, strengthen the immune system and bring about a feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing.



There are several energetic Wellness Balances available. Clients can book all of them for a total cleanse and balance, or book them individually. The Wellness balances include:


Energy Liver Cleanse 


A very powerful treatment, the energy liver cleanse clears stale and congested energy and helps to detoxify the liver. Ideal for anyone wanting to detox the liver or people who have suffered from bouts of depression, anger or frustration.


Energy Lymph Drainage 


This beautiful, relaxing treatment rejuvenates the body and stimulates the lymphatic system and spleen, boosting the body’s immune function.


Circulation of the Light 


A deeply relaxing balance which stimulates the two main reservoirs of circling energy (Governing & Conception vessels) in the body to assist overcoming cold & flu symptoms, reducing stress, jet lag, poor circulation & low energy.


Sacral Balance 


This powerful balance clears blocked energy in the spine, legs and pelvic area. Very beneficial for pain or discomfort in any of these areas, as well as menstrual disorders, hip pain and at times of change in your life.


Belt Channel & Wind Gates 


Clears stale energy and winds from the organ gates around the navel and opens the belt channel to the kidneys. Excellent for poor digestion, abdominal pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, bloating and tension in the belly and back.


Chakra Balance 


Balancing the correspondences between centres helps to unify the connection between the heart, mind and body. This is a deeply calming and profound balance – ideal to have during times of emotional stress.


Thrusting Channels Balance 


If you need an energy boost, opening the thrusting channels can more than double the amount of energy your body has available. This balance also assists in improving the immune system.


Reverse Sacral / Conception Vessel Balance 


This is a very personal balance, but very powerful. Just as it sounds, this balance opens up the conception vessel and reproductive system to allow the body to function optimally. This helps women to clear any menstrual disorders and is highly recommended as a treatment for infertility or pre-pregnancy clearing. It also assists both men and women with opening blockages in the sexual organs, as well as healing bladder problems and other complaints in the sacral area.


Pelvic Alignment Balance 


When the pelvis is out of alignment due to tension in the ligaments between the coccyx and the pelvis, it can lead to many problems. In pregnancy, it can mean that there is too much tension in the pelvis and this can prevent the baby engaging in the correct position during the final weeks of pregnancy. Other problems include coccyx pain, lower back pain and sciatic pain from perceived differences in leg length.


This balance realigns and opens up the whole pelvic area to alleviate or prevent these problems.



Sleep Better

Be Pain Free

Gain Peace of Mind

Gain More Energy

Feel Great

AcuEnergetics is a great way to give physical signs and symptoms of the body an energetic, or emotional, meaning.


I went to Gabrielle for the treatment of debilitating PMS. At a similar time every month, I would experience breast tenderness, mood swings, anger and irritability affecting my relationships and my life in general.


I found the treatment to be comfortable, relaxing, grounding and of course effective. AcuEnergetics identifies where the problems are and treats as necessary. It reaches beyond conscious thought which makes it all the more profound and lasting.


As a naturopath I have referred clients to Gabriele in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. It provides a holistic focus to any treatment plan, and works particularly well with the physical therapies I use.


Finding the true underlying cause of an illness or symptom is the only way to obtain long lasting wellness and quality of life.


I wouldn’t hesitate to use or recommend AcuEnergetics.


Carmen Farrugia. Naturopath

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